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Trying to Save The Holiday Office Party? Host a Virtual Challenge!

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

As the holidays are approaching, it is common for companies to host parties for their employees. Unfortunately, those parties are a bit different this year; the pandemic has limited in-person contact. Because of this limitation, lots of companies are shifting to virtual holiday parties.

There are a host of benefits that come with hosting virtual parties. First, they are a great way for employees all around the world to connect and mingle. Before the pandemic, these opportunities were few and far between. Now, it is very easy to create remote parties that anyone can attend regardless of location.

Second, these parties are a great way to reward your employees for their hard work and accomplishments. At in-person parties, companies can still reward their employees, but these parties run the risk of people not being available. With online parties, it is more likely that a majority of employees can attend and receive their praise.

In the regular in-person setting, there may be hundreds or thousands of coworkers who you do not get the chance to work with or even meet because schedules do not align or some people work at different offices. Remote gatherings remove that barrier between employees. An employee who works in Austin can meet another employee who works in Minneapolis. The possibilities are endless when it comes to these new connections, and these can actually be helpful in the workplace if an employee needs a recommendation or outside help.

The pandemic, in a way, has made holiday parties even more accessible for employees who work remotely and for companies with offices in various cities. FitPros recognizes that corporate cultures are struggling with the absence of social interactions within teams that are not solely for work purposes. Prior to COVID-19 your employees would small talk in the hallways, share stories in the cafeteria at lunch, and the happy hours at the end of the day. The aggregate of non-work focused, small interactions are the foundation of a company’s culture, where employees bond and develop social empathy. That’s what creates a cohesive team environment.

In March when corporations around the world began shutting their doors to outside vendors, FitPros got creative and not only took our previously on-site programs virtual, like Fitness Classes, Health Talks, and Cooking Classes, but we also recruited new teachers and speakers that could teach new, unique activities such as Art Therapy, Puppet Shows, Magic Shows, and Virtual Challenges!

Just recently, FitPros announced our home-delivered holiday-themed Care Packages, as well as tons of virtual activities to help companies replace in-person events with fun-filled, globally inclusive virtual holiday parties. Many companies asked if they could pair their virtual festivities with Care Packages for their employees, so we came up with our “Winter Bundles.” The other popular offering that clients are asking us for this holiday season is team challenges. FitPros created eight unique holiday challenges that are guaranteed to be fun for your entire team. Check out the list below:

Climb to Mount Crumpit Challenge

Challenge your co-workers this holiday season to Climb Mount Crumpit where the Grinch resides. It's our holiday edition of Climb That Mountain Challenge. Participants will compete virtually to climb 3,000 feet in their own home or any stairs nearby. FitPros will supply the tracking form, a series of emails to internally promote the challenge, and our Holiday Care Packages can make for a fitting reward.

Happy Planksgiving

Give thanks to your core with the planksgiving challenge! This challenge encourages participants to stay active with daily plank exercises leading up to Thanksgiving. Participants will learn about the importance of exercise, proper form, and how to be more active throughout the day with daily plank exercises to complete.

Winter Riddle Challenge

Is the traditional Turkey Trot or Winter Fun Run canceled this year? No worries! Replace it with a virtual Fitness Riddle Challenge, Holiday Edition. Take the OnDemand Fitness Classes to learn the riddle then fill out our entry form after completing all five classes. The beauty of On-Demand is that the classes are pre-recorded and can be watched when it's convenient for the participant. Ask how we can help with prizes too!

Holiday Hunt From Home

This one of a kind Scavenger Hunt is specifically designed to be played as a virtual team - together on screen. You'll have 45 minutes to submit as many photos and videos as possible that show your favorite traditions, worst/ best presents, hidden talents, ugliest sweaters, and cutest pet costumes. There are 30 challenges to compete, will your team earn the most points before the clock runs out? Nobody gets them all done!

Who Kidnapped Santa

Santa has been kidnapped and we have a holly jolly list of likely suspects. Noteworthy holiday villains like Hans Gruber to Harry & Marv are at the top of the list. Breaking out into case squads, teams must race against the closet to work through a series of holiday-themed riddles, puzzles, and multimedia challenges; unlocking the information needed to try and save Santa before it's too late.

Trim the Tree Trivia Game Show

Teams compete in 2-3 rounds of holiday-themed game show fun with unique brain challenges that take Google out of the equation. Photos as answers. Puzzles with timers. Would you rather? All to be completed before the time runs out. Between rounds, earn bonus points and get a glimpse of the leaderboard to fuel that competitive fire. Fast-paced, competitive fun.

Festivus Battle Trivia

Watch some of your favorite video clips and holiday moments over 3 fun-filled rounds. Each round has a winner on the podium, ensuring that the glory is shared by many. This game is played individually in a massive head to head battle, great for very large events and competitive groups. Scores can be combined for overall 'team' winners. Hosted, funny, and fully themed for the holidays.

Great Scott!

Biff has gotten hold of the Delorean and is wreaking havoc on the time continuum. Your team must travel through the decades and save pop culture as we know it, all before time runs out. Visit the 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s, and a special December decade and decode puzzles, crack codes and submit photos and videos that may just stop Biff.

Reindeer Games Bingo

Who’s going to lead the team with a red nose? In this homebound BINGO game employees are timed to collect items around their home to complete a line on the BINGO board.

If you are planning a holiday party, virtual gatherings are a great consideration for you and your team. To learn more, contact FitPros and get your party planning started!

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