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What's New Spotlight: September 2021

As wellness continues to evolve, FitPros is dedicated to providing you with new and relevant topics and activities for your employees. Find out what’s new this month:


How can you get double the results in half the time? The answer is simple: proper form. Attendees of this workshop learn to apply the fitness philosophy "do less better" and how to, reduce risk of injury, learn adjustments to where most people go wrong, build their base of support safely, connect mind to muscle more effectively. This workshop is Perfect for beginners who need modifications due to weight or injury, as well as athletes who want to amplify results. Attendees leave not having done a workout but having watched and taken notes unless of course they want to practice and participate!

As teams return to work and navigate a reset at the organizational level, anxiety will be a normal response and looks different for every person. In this workshop, leaders will learn the three psychological conditions necessary in the workplace for employee engagement to thrive. Participants will gain insight to practical tools used to open up communication channels with teams and questions to consider utilizing as they design a new environment where employees feel supported and able to harness their full potential.


Make Your Own Paper Succulent Workshop Do you love the look of plants in your home or workspace but aren’t so great at keeping them alive? Problem solved - enter paper succulents! In this workshop, you will receive supplies to make your own paper succulent arrangement. And it will live forever! Note, items not provided include markers or ink pads to highlight the edges of the succulents. Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks.


Contact a Wellbeing Manager today to schedule these activities and learn about other offerings available.

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