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Everything Pro. 

Welcome to the Pro Resource Page. Everything you need to know, all in one place.

Whether you're a long-time Pro, or just getting started, this is your one-stop place to find anything Pro related. 

Fitness Instructors lead with action. Health and Educational Speakers motivate through knowledge. And Facilitators bring teams together. Whatever your speciality, we have resources for you to help the FitPros brand shine. Let's dig in.

General Knowledgebase

Below you'll find a lot of great general resources for all our different types of Pros.

Explore Your Dashboard

Lots of good things to checkout on your dedicated Airtable Dashboard. Click below for a quick video tutorial.

Be Welcoming

Part of any good brand experience is consistency. Be sure to use a FitPros Welcome slide before you start your session. Click below to get our Welcome Slides

Start Sessions

You're a Pro. Let's get the low down on how to start, record, save, and end session. Click below to view your step by step guide.


To feel the part you have to look the part. Download these great FitPros branded backgrounds.

Get Feedback

We made it easy for employees to give feedback on your class, presentation, or activity. Get the form link or download QR code for onsite sessions.

Get Paid

Ready to get paid? Let’s make sure you have everything you need. Click below to access the Financial Resource page.

Pro Specific

Find what you need, when you need it. 

Everything Fitness

Fitness instructors help shape powerful mindsets. By putting your video quality first, you ensure the focus is on you. 

For the Speaker

You're a storyteller. You educate, motivate, and inspire. Here are some tools to help you shine, and engage your audience.

All Things Host

Hosts and Facilitators lead their audience to their destination. Whether you're team building or leading a magic show, ensure the quality of your presentation.

Stay Up-to-Date

Got New Ideas

Have a new idea for a health talk, fitness class, or team building activity? We'd love to hear from you.

Need More Help?

Meet Jasmine, your Senior Community Manager. She's your go-to for anything and everything Pro Community. 

Your PROfile

Have a new skill set, certification, or area of expertise you're ready to let shine? Don't forget to update your profile. 

Want More Wellbeing?

Visit our Wellbeing Resources page for more.
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