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FitPros was established to bring fitness and health industry experts right to your office, providing turnkey wellness programs that engage and motivate employees.

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Twenty minutes per day of guided workplace meditation and yoga combined with six weekly group sessions can lower feelings of stress by more than 10 percent and improve sleep quality in sedentary office employees

(Source: Ohio State University)


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FitPros was established to bring fitness and health industry experts right to your office, providing turnkey wellness programs that engage and motivate employees.


Strength & Sweat

FitPros are versed working in studios, outdoors, random spaces, and potentially awkward conference rooms. They are highly experienced and know how to set the mood given any accommodation. If your space has a sound system, the teacher will plug their music in. Let us know if there’s not a sound system and the teacher will bring a speaker.


Due to sanitary reasons each class is BYOM - Bring Your Own Mat. If you’re interested to purchase mats, towels or other fitness products, with or without your company logo we can help!


Your FitPro will evaluate the skill level of each student to offer modifications. If you’re not sure which class suits the majority try sending out a survey and/ or try one of each!

Our Classes

Boot Camp

This fast-paced class integrates cardio and strength to keep your heart rate elevated for optimal calorie burn through a challenging combination of drills and resistance training. Onsite offerings combine the use of body weight with resistance bands, floor ladders, and other fun fitness toys, while our virtual option can be done with no equipment.


This cardio and strength circuit workout alternates between 20 seconds of max training and 10 seconds of rest. This full body High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class is fast-paced and fun.

Buddy Building

Sweaty spin on traditional “Team-building.” Training in tandem ups accountability and intensity in this Boot Camp style strength and cardio class. Tackle intimidating moves and tough out those last few reps you might have let slide on your own.

Mat Pilates

Gain flexible strength through movement, breath, and stability for better posture and improved performance. Tools such as magic circles and small hand weights may be used to sculpt the core and more!


POUND® is the world’s first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums. Release your inner rockstar! 

TRX® ¹

Use body weight and gravity to work every muscle. You’re in control of how much you want to challenge yourself by adjusting your body position to push, pull, lunge, squat, and plank your way to a fitter you.

Gridiron Games ²

Fitness Challenge - think Spartan Race, adapted to the workplace! Not your average physical fitness class, this fun, yet challenging obstacle course will test endurance, agility, strength and mental focus. In our busy lives, we are thrown obstacles to deal with, and we either rise to the challenge or crumble with defeat. Employees that play together, stay together.

Trigger Point Massage ³

Led by a Personal Trainer, learn to release muscle tension and increase flexibility with self-massage techniques and  the use of tools, like a foam roller or lacrosse ball. Trigger Points aka “muscle knot” is body waste build up in the collagen fibers, also known as fascia tissue.

Salsa Fundamentals

Designed to start with the basics then progress through the weeks. Working out the kinks, the fun begins as we advance onto partnered dancing.

Booty Boot Camp

Strengthen, lift, and tone your backside with this Booty Band workout. The primary focus is on your glutes, but you'll also sculpt your legs and abdominals, while experiencing glute strengthening benefits like improved balance and less back, ankle and knee pain. Equipment needed: Booty Band.

Strong Nation

Discover the total-body, HIIT workout, where every move is synced to the beat. Join the movement and let the music push you further and further, until you don’t know where the beat ends and you begin. THIS IS STRONG NATION™ (formerly STRONG by Zumba.) Using only your body weight, STRONG Nation™ will test your strength and stamina in a powerful cardio and muscle-conditioning session in one, all led by original music designed for the workout.


No equipment needed for this body weight strength class. Tone your muscles and build strength and stability, while challenging your balance in this full body workout. Walk taller from increased core strength and confidence (Bonus: research shows weight training boosts self esteem!)


ABsolution - Strengthen and tone your core in this ABsolutely awesome workout. Flow from a series of standing and ground exercises to work every layer of your abdominals and core, including your lower back to reduce pain and risk of injury while toning and improving posture. No equipment needed.

¹ TRX class requires either anchors within a solid wall or Straps with the door wall bolster. If instructor needs to bring straps there’s a rate increase.

² Gridiron Games requires the instructor to bring a lot of heavy equipment, and often an assistant teacher, thus the rate is much higher than a standard exercise class.

³ Trigger Point is exceptionally hands on, thus the rate is higher than. The instructor will bring a few tools for employees to use, but we recommend purchasing lacrosse balls and/ or foam rollers for everyone to use.

Strength & Cardio Benefits

  • Burn more calories

  • Improve heart health

  • Promotes brain growth

  • Prevents stress and anxiety

  • Enhances sleep

  • Improve bone health

  • Improve balance and coordination 

  • Disease prevention

  • Boosts metabolism

  • Lower bad cholesterol

  • Improves blood circulation

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