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Utilizing Social Engagement Teams to Incorporate Onsite Wellness

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

By Caitlin Ackerman

As many of you know (or maybe don’t!) workplace wellness programs are designed to support and encourage a holistic approach to employee wellbeing by creating an organizational culture of health. Whether major enterprise, small business, nonprofit, or governmental organization – we know that workplace wellness programs can not only improve the physical and mental state of your employees but also reduce health care costs and increase productivity (and your bottom line). That said- we may know the value of wellness in the workplace but how do we know what programs to implement and what your employees will want to participate in? Surveys and feedback sessions are always helpful; however, diving deeper into your organization’s social capital may reveal even more!

Social capital is a set of shared values that allow individuals to work in a group together effectively to achieve a common purpose. Social capital impacts our sense of belonging, proactivity, feelings of trust and safety, participation, and more. In the workplace, these are the relationships people have amongst their teams but also within their social engagement groups such as LatinX, Volunteer Feens, Fitness Enthusiasts, Food Lovers, Women, LGTBQAI, and so many more! Leveraging the values and passions within these groups enables companies to better understand how to meet their needs. When we better understand peoples’ needs, we can provide stronger solutions, which in turn have a greater impact.

As you can probably imagine – workplace wellness and employee engagement go hand-in-hand. When employees feel their best mentally and physically, they feel happier in the workplace. Workplace wellness can help create a culture of healthy lifestyles and positive work atmosphere, while social engagement enables employees to engage with each other beyond professional relationships, creating a sense of belonging. These two things are a successful company’s not-so-secret weapon. Employee engagement produces connection and is an emotion that drives employees to be invested in the growth of the company and their personal growth within it. Capitalize on this relationship – and watch everybody succeed.

Let’s quickly glance at the research:

A study by Gallup found that 62% of engaged employees feel their work positively affects their physical health. However, this number drops to 39% for disengaged employees and 22% for actively disengaged employees. Of this “disengaged” group polled, 54% said their work-life has a negative effect on their health, while 51% see a negative effect on their overall well-being. These results were more dramatic when it came to employee’s psychological health. Gallup found that 78% of engaged workers feel their work lives benefit them psychologically, while not surprisingly 51% of actively disengaged employees say their work lives are having a negative effect on their psychological well-being.

Gallup Group describes engaged employees as involved, connected, and enthusiastic about their company, driving innovation and the organization forward. Not-engaged employees are often “checked-out,” with little energy and passion; and actively disengaged employees simply are unhappy and undermine what their engaged coworkers accomplish.

If there is a correlation between employee engagement and wellbeing – then why do only 24 percent of employees take advantage of onsite wellness programs? Wellness can look different for a variety of people and groups. To capitalize on the relationship - we need to utilize social engagement groups to better serve and enhance individual and collective wellbeing! Wellness is not a one size fits all entity, therefore it is the targeting, diversification, and intention behind solutions that will increase participation! Of course, there is a time and place for casting a wide net to meet needs such as; onsite fitness classes or wellness fairs, however, when we can highlight people’s values and pinpoint specific goals – your programs have a different kind of impact.

Last month FitPros rolled out our 5 Pillars of Wellness. Our Social fitness offerings can help cultivate a culture of belonging for which employees can bring their whole self to work. If you are looking for support in your mission to drive social capital through wellbeing in the workplace – check out some suggestions below for how FitPros can serve your social engagement teams.

Is your women’s group planning to celebrate International Women’s Day in March? Self Defense is a great option to bring people together to talk about violence against women, learn skills that could save lives, and have fun.

African American, LatinX, and LGTBQAI groups may want to bring people together and host a health talk on inclusive workplaces, creating safe spaces to discuss unconscious bias and microaggressions. Or a hands-on healthy cultural cooking class to promote native dishes and eating norms.

Sales teams looking for non-traditional ways to enhance their communication skills may enjoy Improv Workshops that can drive collaborative culture, creative problem solving, improved listening skills, the ability to read body language and think on one’s feet.

Volunteer enthusiasts looking to support a variety of causes can participate in CSR activities such as hospital mural painting or Live DJ Yoga.

FitPros social engagement activities help you target your employees’ needs and meet them where they are at! Furthermore, these activities increase retention, enhance recruitment, and most importantly renew social capital, allowing your employees to flourish in their community.

If you are unsure how to start utilizing your social engagement teams for wellness FitPro’s Wellness Warrior Program was established to assist. It is always our first goal to help build healthy, happy, and thriving organizations through our result-oriented workplace wellness programs. Wellness Warriors are all about enhancing the workplace culture through leadership, strategy, and camaraderie. FitPros can help you build and maintain strategies that not only create a healthier workplace but also enhance community engagement and commitment. Your onsite FitPro will serve as your employees’ personal wellness consultant and help “pull in” the culture leaders who have the influence to enhance participation and impact.

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