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FitPros Wellness Care Packages for Remote Workers

With the sudden shift of almost all employees working remotely, due to COVID-19, this can be a time of high anxiety and social isolation for many teams. That’s why we’ve created remote worker care packages that can be delivered directly to an employee’s doorstep. Our packages bring wellness resources into the home, to help your teams transform their newly found remote work routine and environment. Designed to promote holistic health and community engagement in this time of uncertainty and social distancing, each shipment includes supplies that address our 5 wellness pillars.

Each item is paired with a printed Tip Sheet demonstrating how to use it and why it plays a critical part in keeping your employees healthy, happy, and productive.

The week’s shipment culminates with a real-time virtual talk or fitness class, hosted by a credentialed FitPro who guides employees through a review of the week’s activity, and provides further education or gives live physical instruction. Employees then have an opportunity to share their experience with the week’s exercise, ask questions, and participate in this remote community activity.

The packages are designed and priced in a series of 4 shipments, one arriving to employees each week, giving team members an entire month of comprehensive wellness tools.

FitPros also offers virtual Health Talks with a Motivational Speaker as well as 1:1 Wellbeing Coaching sessions, and Fitness Classes. Email today and we can share more ways to support your remote employees!

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