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FitPros was established to bring fitness and health industry experts right to your office, providing turnkey wellness programs that engage and motivate employees.

Love or Fear - It's Your Choice

We can easily get stuck in an overwhelming struggle with fear, and confuse that for “I’m so busy.” If your motivation for taking action is mostly derived from a place of fear, it can lead you to live in a heightened state of stress, and eventually, burnout. A shift in perspective, from fear to love, is the most fulfilling and sustainable way to engage in life and work. Participants will learn the essential steps to reframing fear into love, helping to ignite motivation towards action.

Emotional Fluency - Permission to Feel

Instead of trying to talk ourselves out of how we feel, we must harness the courage to acknowledge and feel our uncomfortable emotions in order to deal with them appropriately. In this Health Talk, participants will learn to navigate their emotions and move through them to build their healthiest emotional selves.

Safe Skin Awareness

Did you know skin cancer is the most common of all cancers? It is also the easiest to cure if diagnosed and treated early. Each year in the U.S., over 5.4 million cases of non-melanoma skin cancers are treated in more than 3.3 million people. In this Skin Safety Talk, credentialed Dermatologists will teach participants how to maximize their skin health and provide participants with the necessary precautions all individuals and their families should be taking.

How Stress Affects Mental Health & Tips For Stress Management

When someone is under chronic stress, it begins to negatively affect his or her physical and mental health. The body’s stress response was not made to be continuously engaged. Many people encounter stress from multiple sources, including work; money, health, and relationship worries; and media overload.

With so many sources of stress, it is difficult to find time to relax and disengage. This talk will go over the signs of stress and "burn out", how stress affects ones mental health, what is mental health, how to effectively manage stress and take care of your mental state (AKA: Self Care). 

Trigger Happy: Reducing Reactivity & Responding Better to Life

Do you find yourself reacting, internalizing, lashing out, or avoiding in difficult moments? This workshop is designed to help you better understand yourself so you can show up better in the world. We’ll talk about automatic thoughts, unhealthy thought patterns, and how to use mindfulness as a means to choose more skillful ways of communicating with yourself and others. Some situations can feel like a win/lose scenarios, but with some self-awareness and self-compassion, we can turn these into a win/learn opportunities.

Creating Positive Changes in Your Health And Life Through The Ever-Changing Brain

In this talk, you'll learn how the brain processes traumatic situations like being in the throws of a pandemic. You'll also learn helpful tools on how to maintain adaptability and resilience mentally and physically through the use of brain training tools like visualization, thought shifting, and breathing. We can supply your brain with the science and tools it needs to create new and helpful brain patterns that move from a sympathetic dominant state to achieve a parasympathetic reset.

The Impact of Media on Mental Health

The world has changed in the past generation making internet and social media not just entertainment but a mainstay in everyday life. Consumption of social media, especially in today’s world, can have negative affects on our mental and emotional health. In this talk attendees will learn the benefits of social media and online connection, the negative affects it can nave on our overall health and wellness and the five key areas one can focus on to help increase the positive benefits of social media and reduce the negative.

Optimize Your Life & Career

Employee burnout and stress levels are on the rise. This interactive session covers the elements of becoming a coveted team member, while also nurturing an individual's most important assets: resilience, wellness, health, and happiness. Learn how to get more done and get along with others while doing it -- for happier, more productive, and more aligned teams. Participants will learn the three virtues of being an ideal team player and how to develop them both within and with others, how to grow one's work ethic and contribute more, how to become a coveted employee with propensity to grow and succeed, the six beliefs that result in "burnout" and how to avoid them, and the one practice to begin immediately to improve your life, health, and happiness.

Powerful You - Ownership and Responsibility

One must remember that they are always creating an impact, either positive or negative. In this session, participants will learn to become mindful and responsible for their impact, on oneself and on those around them.

How to be Productive Working Remotely

A special analysis done by FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics found that there has been a major upward trend in the amount of people working remotely in the U.S. However, often times employees receive limited coaching and resources when they transition to remote work, leaving them to "fend for themselves" or "learn by trial and error." In this talk employees will learn from a career coach how to remain engaged, productive, a team player, how to set up their unique space for maximum productivity, how to set boundaries with those around them, how to communicate effectively and how to ensure there is a clear divide between work and play when working from home. 

Each talk should be co-hosted by one of your team members who can address how to use your companies unique technologies to remain engaged.

Maintain Your Sanity: 3 Keys to Pause and Navigate Challenges in Uncertainty.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed right now and difficult to maintain your sanity. Whether it’s dealing with ongoing or one-time stressors, learn to maintain your sanity by utilizing tools that offer clarity during chaos. Discover the power of pause and how it helps navigate stress and expand your capacity. Implement EI (Emotional Intelligence) tools to immediately to navigate challenges now and beyond.

Lighten Up: How To Be Less Stressed About Stress

How can you keep a clear, cool head while under stress? We know from experience (and cutting edge research) that trying to push stress away is a downright waste of energy, but we keep hearing how bad it is for us! Stress is not going to disappear, but we can learn to use it for good. In this one hour workshop we will learn to recognize stress for what it is. We will better understand the physical and psychological impact of meeting stress with more stress vs with a calm, clear presence. We will learn and practice ways to shift our mindsets and activate the enhancing aspects of stress.

Push Pause: 3 Keys to Avoid Burnout and Not Freak Out

Overwhelm, stress, burnout… these are things we have all experienced. Especially now. It doesn't have to be this way. Stress and burnout can lead to some of the deepest and truest revelations - if you know how to look for them and navigate the negativity. Instead of avoiding problems or dreading "getting through" the day, when you know how to intentionally pause, you can apply tools in emotional and mental wellness, instead of freaking out. In this talk, you will learn the applied neuroscience of how to get out of task mode, and into vision mode, or vice versa, how to navigate the negativity and avoid cognitive distortions (more neuroscience and psychology!) and how to Get Courageously Curious So You Can Keep Going, and Live Life as an Adventure, not an Obstacle.

Election Stress and Pandemic Anxiety: Taking Care of Ourselves While Navigating Life with Others

Are you overwhelmed by 2020 life? Do you find yourself reacting, internalizing, lashing out, or avoiding when it comes to the difficult (and important) conversations in life?  This workshop is designed to help you better understand yourself and your own needs so you can speak more effectively with others.  We’ll talk about automatic thoughts, negative patterns, and how to use mindfulness as a way to choose our response to each moment.


There are so many theories on the psychology of motivation; however, it is difficult to truly pinpoint where it comes from. Why are some more motivated than others? Why is it difficult to stay motivated? How does one's behavior influence their success? How does motivation, or lack of, impact one's personal, professional, and social life? In this Health Talk, participants will gather tools to harness their own inner-cheerleader, develop strategies to modify behaviors to create balance in a fast-paced world, and learn to set meaningful goals that support a lifestyle of personal success and happiness.

Create Your Best Life - How to Manifest Your Dreams

Your Raw Materials are your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, choices, and decisions -- these are the building blocks of one's life. Participants will learn how to adjust their Raw Materials to build their healthiest self and most satisfying life.

Keep Your Workforce Engaged During Disruptions

The Coronavirus impacted jobs across all markets and industries. With sudden mandatory work from home policies, travel restrictions, and swings in the financial markets, a team’s workflow was disrupted. From this life altering experience, and many others that happen due to the natural state of life; such as a death of a loved one or teammate. There is great value to preemptively arm your team with tools on how to manage and be resilient during challenging times.  In this talk, they will hear from a healthcare professional about steps to minimize fear and keep them focused and productive. 

Doing The Best We Can: Self-Compassion to Enhance Well-Being

Change is tough. Attempting change during a pandemic can be particularly challenging with new stressors and schedules at play. Be it better relationship patterns, healthier eating habits, consistent sleep, more physical activity, or breaking that addiction to social media, there are good reasons to change and good reasons to stay where we are. In this one-hour workshop we will explore motivation, values, the neuroscience of change, and practical tools for doing what truly nourishes us during this time. We’ll discuss how stress impacts creativity and how we can enhance focus in the midst of increasing distractions while working from home. With self- compassion as a foundation we will name the struggles and the strategies for moving forward the best we can.

Wellness Expert Panel Discussion

Do your employees have specific questions, requiring specific answers? Are you seeing parts of different talks that you want to be covered all in one? During this 60-minute live panel discussion, business leaders and employee wellness ambassadors will have the opportunity for a real-time, personal panel discussion with a wellness expert. This new style of ‘health talk’ will get to the bottom of your demographics more pressing needs and questions. Our wellness experts are prepared for on the spot, open-ended questions from panelist leaders and the audience. It is our goal to have employees walk away with the clarity, tangible tools, and action plan needed to best support them.

Love Your Heart

The heart is the most vital organ in the body. When it stops, nothing else can function. It’s important to know the risk factors like – smoking, high cholesterol, physical inactivity, obesity, diabetes and stress just to name a few. In this webinar, you'll get tips from a Doctor on nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress habits so you can keep your heart strong, as well as hidden threats to heart health. Love your life by loving your heart so you can keep it beating for a long time to come!

The Power of Telling Your Story

We live in a world full of different races, countries, languages, and ages. Many events, ways of living, and thought are among us, yet this does not reflect the dominant narrative. Everyone's story should be heard, but we are not. In this talk, I discuss why I began to tell my story, why everyone should have a chance to do so, and how it will benefit us all to be heard. There are so many perspectives that are not being considered because people don't have the platform or don't think they should.

Stress -Awareness, Acceptance & Response 

Anxiety and stress affect many people in different ways. According to The American Institute of Stress: About 33 percent of people report feeling extreme stress, 77% of people experience stress that affects their physical health and 73% of people have stress that impacts their mental health. Now more than ever, it is important for us to find ways to cope with our stress and anxiety. We experience stress with work, family life, and our own emotional wellness. This talk will cover how stress and anxiety manifest in the body and mind. In addition, we will discuss stress and anxiety’s natural adaptive purpose. We will also discuss coping strategies to manage stress and anxiety in everyday life. At the end of the discussion, we will engage in a mindfulness meditation practice that you can use daily to manage stress and use as your own personal resource.

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