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What's New Spotlight: January 2022

As wellness continues to evolve, FitPros is dedicated to providing you with new and relevant topics and activities for your employees. Find out what’s new this month:

Conversations about race at work are becoming less taboo and more necessary to create a sense of belonging. A dedicated space for employees to engage with peers who share identities helps increase the sense of psychological safety and prevents the burden of educating those who don’t share their identity. In honor of Black History Month, space will be held for Black employees to reflect on Black history, share relatable experiences, and share experiences within the intersections of their other social identities (i.e. gender; sexual orientation, neurodiversity, ability). An experienced facilitator will provide guidelines for an informal but useful dialogue, and offer tools for navigating a diversifying workplace but a slowly changing racial climate.

Today’s culture of “gone viral” videos, hashtags, and memes has taken on a new life as the world is forced to reduce social interaction outside of the home. Black creators, celebrities, and influencers are experiencing a new type of “subtle”, and therefore more pervasive cultural appropriation, where non-Black people are claiming cultural artifacts that aren’t their own. In this session, we’ll discuss the emergence of the concept of digital blackface in the context of recent events and popular culture (i.e. the resurgence of Black Lives Matter; quarantine; TikTok, and other social media platforms). We’ll cover the nuances of Black culture, why it’s sacred, how digital Black face shows up, and how allies can avoid cultural appropriation, even online.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a form of clinical depression manifesting in significant changes in mood and behavior during the winter months. While it is common for people to feel a shift when seasons and weather change (“winter blues” often coincide with less daylight and colder temperatures), SAD is a condition warranting further support from mental health professionals. This workshop will outline the signs, symptoms, and treatments of SAD, normalize the natural ebb and flow of seasons, and discuss ways to mitigate the impact of winter on our moods. From mindset practices to tangible environmental changes to a bit of poetry and embracing the cozy, we’ll empower ourselves toward a warm winter ahead.

The famous KonMari method prompts you to look within your space and ask if the items around you spark joy. If the answer is yes, you keep the item, but if the answer is no, toss it. Transferring this method to our thoughts can help declutter our brain and relieve anxiety. This talk series will provide powerful tools to reorganize our minds and prioritize positive thinking.

Includes these talks:

- Cleaning clutter in your space to spark joy in the mind

- Organization Techniques for Positive Living


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