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Announcing FitPros' Wellness Pillars

Updated: Jan 22, 2020




1. the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

As one can see from the definition above, the term ‘Wellness’ is very broad. Which means the definition of the term ‘Holistic Wellness’ is even broader, so broad even that it is not defined in the dictionary. As a Corporate Wellness provider, FitPros has the unique privilege of being exposed to many different opinions on what 'holistic wellness’ is.

However, for FitPros it was critical for us as a company to determine what our definition of ‘Holistic Corporate Wellness’ was, so we could help our clients tackle creating holistic wellness programs for their employees.

Maybe we should back up...

If you didn't know, it is absolutely crucial that your Wellness Program be holistic because holistic wellness is the only way the needs of an entire employee demographic can be met. Why must everyone's wellness needs be met? Well, if it is not obvious, every employee in your organization has a specific set of health and lifestyle requirements, and when these needs are met, they are their happiest, healthiest and most productive selves. When an entire employee demographic is their happiest, healthiest and most productive selves well... your business thrives!

So now for the moment, you have all been waiting for (Dun, Dun, Dun, DUH!) the unveiling of FitPros' 5 Pillars of Wellness (Physical, Social, Emotional, Financial and Professional).

Below is a description of each pillar where I explain the importance of implementing each facet of wellbeing into your onsite wellness program as well as share a list of FitPros' services that can help you implement each pillar of wellness into your program (you will notice many of our programs fall under multiple pillars).

Note: You will notice I describe each pillar as a form of 'fitness' because being 'FitPros' we do not believe fitness is limited to one's physical health. There is also, Emotional, Social, Financial and Professional fitness.

Disclaimer: FitPros is an onsite Corporate Wellness Provider. FitPros has created our pillars to encompass FitPros’ areas of expertise. So if a portion of your wellness program is not addressed below, that does not mean it is not an important aspect of holistic wellness.

1. Physical Fitness

Physical Wellness/Fitness is just as much about preventative care and recovery as it is about physical exercise. Providing onsite Fitness Classes and Health Talks (on nutrition and Ergonomics) is VERY important. However, all too often FitPros sees our clients neglect the preventative health and the recovery needs of their employees.

FitPros Tip: To make your fitness classes successful determine what your employees need/want and what your space can accommodate. If you live in a place with great weather, take advantage of the outside! If your office does not have showers host fitness classes at the end of the day. If your employee demographic is comprised of both intense and mellow people, provide a bootcamp one week and a yoga class the next.

FitPros' Physical Fitness Programs Include; fitness classes, trigger point, skin checks, flu shots, biometric screening, acupuncture, chair massage, physical fitness health talks, 1:1 coaching (fitness, chiro & nutrition), ergonomic assessments, facials and cooking demos.

Emotional Fitness & Social Fitness

*Mental Health is a major buzz term in society right now. FitPros felt that though it would be easy to encapsulate all of our Mental Health Offerings into a single pillar, it was crucial for our clients to understand and address the differences between emotional fitness and social fitness.

2. Emotional

Emotional fitness can mean something very different to many different types of people but, in short, your company's commitment to cultivating your employees' emotional intelligence, determines your employees capacity to navigate their own emotions, make decisions and have interactions that are not harsh, overly emotional or dismissive of their feelings.

FitPros' Emotional Fitness Programs include; Emotional Intelligence Health Talks, Meditation, 1:1 Wellness Coaching, Vision Boarding, Sound Bath Healing and Succulent Potting Workshop!

3. Social

Social fitness is an employee’s ability to interact with their colleagues (and in other relationships) effortlessly and authentically.

FitPros Tip: Emotional fitness directly correlates with an employee’s ability to obtain social fitness in many ways.

FitPro' Social Fitness Programs include; Relationship and Colleague Connection Health Talks, Corporate Social Responsibility, Gridiron Games, Wellness Fairs, Wellness Warrior Programs, Cooking Classes and Self Defense Classes.

4. Financial Fitness

Unfortunately, financial fitness is a topic that is not well addressed in today’s education system. Even your finance team may not have a strong enough understanding of stocks, bonds, and crucial aspects of personal finance. By empowering your employees with Financial Fitness you can have a major effect on their stress levels (which directly impact their physical fitness and emotional fitness) and help them in aspects of their life that you may not even know are affecting their productivity and your bottom line, like their relationships (social fitness).

FitPros Tip: Often times many employees need an introduction to finance knowledge. Starting out with a Finance Workshop and then hosting 1:1 coaching is essential so that they know the proper questions to ask. It is also key that all employees know that FitPros finance speakers do not advise directly on an individual's personal finances. However, the speaker will hear the employees question and if it should be directed to a personal CPA the speaker will advise that.

FitPros' Financial Fitness Programs Include; Finance Workshops and 1:1 (in person or telephonic) Finance Coaching.

5. Professional Fitness

Lastly, being a Corporate Wellness provider, FitPros would be remiss if we did not provide our clients with tools that will help their employees reach optimal professional fitness. Professional fitness is achieved with ease when employees have physical fitness, emotional fitness, social fitness and financial fitness aligned to their lifestyle needs, however, it is also important to give employees tools that will directly improve their professional fitness. Examples include leadership, stress management, professional communication skills, emotional EQ, identifying one’s strengths and weaknesses, and the list goes on.

FitPros Professional Fitness Programs Include; Leadership Improv Workshops, 1:1 Coaching and Professional Fitness Health Talks.

FitPros Tip: If an employee feels engaged in their career and satisfied with their job/work this will significantly improve your business's success as well as directly affect your employees (financial, social, emotional and physical fitness).

Parting Words

Corporate Wellness is meant to improve the lives of employees, which will subsequently improve society as a whole. The role you are playing by providing ‘Wellness’ to your employees is improving the world, which is why FitPros would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients (and future clients) for inviting us to learn more about your employee demographics and help devise a holistic wellbeing program that targets your total population.

Because of you all, we have been able to successfully provide holistic wellness programs to companies all over the United States and in 2020 our reach will expand globally! It is our hope that our Wellness Pillars will act as a catalyst that helps you to continue bringing programs to your employees to meet every type of person’s needs!

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