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Wellness Pillars Promotion

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Purchase 1 offering from each pillar and receive 20% off a hospital mural painting kit, $100 dollars off any Health Talk OR a FREE 30 minute meditation class.


FitPro' Social Fitness Programs include; Relationship and Colleague Connection Health Talks, Corporate Social Responsibility, Gridiron Games, Wellness Fairs, Wellness Warrior Programs, Cooking Classes and Self Defense Classes.


FitPros Professional Fitness Programs Include; Leadership Improv Workshops, 1:1 Coaching and Professional Fitness Health Talks.


FitPros' Financial Fitness Programs Include; Finance Workshops and 1:1 (in person or telephonic) Finance Coaching.


FitPros' Physical Fitness Programs Include; fitness classes, trigger point, skin checks, flu shots, biometric screening, acupuncture, chair massage, physical fitness health talks, 1:1 coaching (fitness, chiro & nutrition), ergonomic assessments, facials and cooking demos.


FitPros' Emotional Fitness Programs include; Emotional Intelligence Health Talks, Meditation, 1:1 Wellness Coaching, Vision Boarding, Sound Bath Healing and Succulent Potting Workshop!

Note: Purchase must be finalized by February 29th. *Finalized means a signed Client Service Agreement has been returned to FitPros.

Want to learn more about FitPros' Wellness Pillar Promotion?

Contact FitPros

email: hello@fitpros.com or call: (815) 348-7767

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