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Start Planning Your Wellness Calendar For 2021 with FitPros!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Let FitPros help you plan your wellness activities for 2021! If you don't already know, FitPros offers a variety of wellness solutions to motivate health and happiness through physical movement and mindful education where people spend the most time – at work! Our team will help you create a holistic wellness program that will engage your entire organization.

Much like your company, FitPros successfully overcame many obstacles in 2020. We could not be prouder and more excited to continue growing! Not only did we fully transitioned to support onsite and remote teams, we launch our new Employee Wellness Portal that is driving wellness program engagement. From custom branding, a live events calendar, on-demand classes, exclusive deals, utilization reporting and more - you're going to want to schedule a full demo!

FitPros designed 24+ new virtual wellness programs, launched our care packages delivered directly to employees' doorsteps, and continued to grow and diversify our roster by 10%.

Check out new & popular programs introduced in 2020 that can help take your wellbeing program to the next level in 2021!

Social Engagement Activities: These programs are guaranteed to boost morale and are fun for full team sessions or whole family fun!

Health Talks: Always customizable and tailored for your demographic's needs with a complimentary handout to support learning!

Fitness Classes: Fun & Fresh with awesome curated playlists! No equipment needed at home and all equipment always brought onsite.

  • Tabata

  • Vinyasa Yoga (and 10 others kinds!)

  • Mat Pilates

  • Cardio Box

  • BollyX

  • Hip Hop & Salsa Dance

  • Family Fitness


  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Mental Focus

  • Perspective

  • Gratitude

Health Fairs

  • Put together all these activities with a FitPros virtual fair! Onsite and Virtual to meet wherever your company is at and keeping everyone safe.


Need more ideas? FitPros has you covered with the 2021 Annual Wellness calendar that features monthly health topics with corresponding activities.

Contact FitPros to learn about the 2021 calendar and start planning your wellness activities today!

Learn more FitPros' wellbeing services:

Email sales@fitpros.com or book time to speak with a Wellbeing Manager here.

Visit FitPros.com

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